SOLGEN invites GLBTQA people of faith to experience what St. Olaf describes as a gentle church, where grace matters. We affirm the St. Olaf website Community of Faith statement that describes faith as manifested in acts of service and works of love.

We invite you to read a sermon given by David Wee, Professor of English, at Holden Village in January 2005. In this sermon, David preaches on the story of the Prodigal Son and emphasizes the love God has for all of His children. He ends the sermon with these words: “When the bell finally tolls for you and for me, God will come running like crazy. Until then, we must live our lives, as individuals and as communities and as a Church, in such a way that no child of God will ever doubt that same reception.”

If you are looking for a place of worship, consider joining the St. Olaf College Student Congregation, which is a Reconciling in Christ congregation and extends an Affirmation of Welcome to all GLBTQA people. For other welcoming places of worship, see the entire list of RIC congregations , the list of Reconciling Lutherans, or this list of welcoming Minnesota churches compiled by Outfront Minnesota.

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