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V-Week: April 16-22

The Gender and Sexuality Center is excited to announce that this week is V Week, a week of events to raise awareness about violence against women, as well as to simply celebrate women in general.
We have some pretty interesting events planned, so please consider attending at least one of them:
  • Tuesday, April 17th: Speaker from the Hope Center. This event is in Trollhaugen at 4:45, so bring your caf trays, or just come to listen!
  • Wednesday, April 18th: V-Men: A discussion about how men can help end violence against women. This event is only open to male-identified individuals. 5 PM in Buntrock 144. This is a Wellness Center stamped event!
  • Wednesday, April 18th:Girl Talk: A discussion about women’s health and sexuality. 7 PM in Regents 310.
  • Thursday, April 19th: Vagina Carnival! Come down to the Jungle in the Pause during Community Time to play games, learn about vaginas, and see a giant vagina walking around.
  • Friday, April 20th, and Saturday, April 21st: The Vagina Monologues. Tickets for this year’s Monologues can be bought outside the caf at dinner all week. It is $3 advance and $5 at the door. All proceeds will go to the Hope Center and to the V-Day 2012 Spotlight on Haiti Women Campaign. The performances will begin at 8:15 both nights, in the Pause.
  • Sunday, April 22nd: Film screening of Until The Violence Stops, Tomson 280 from 2 to 4 PM.
We hope to see you at some of these events!

Chapel Talks and News Articles

Pride Week 2012

Here is the official schedule for St. Olaf Pride Week 2012:

  • Sat., Mar.  3: STOGA TOGA @ St. John’s
  • Tues., Mar. 6: Asexuality 101 with Chella in RNS 410 (7 pm)
  • Wed., Mar. 7: Are You Queer Enough? with Natalie Klueg in RML 515 (7 pm)
  • Thurs., Mar. 8: Chapel Talk with Katie Barnes (11am) and Community Time Party in Crossroads afterwards
  • Thurs., Mar. 8: Living at the Intersections with Katie Barnes in RNS 410 (7pm)
  • Fri., Mar. 9: Drag Panel with Esme in BMC 101 (6 pm)
  • Fri., Mar. 9: DRAG BALL at 10pm in the Pause.

Coming Out Week 2011

  • All week:
    in the chapel hallway. StoSecret enters its second year as part of Coming Out Week. StoSecret is a project sponsored by GLOW! based on Postsecret ( that explores Oles’ secrets and allows for a time of self reflection, growth and healing. All cards are submitted by Oles and hold a secret close to their heart. We Oles are all the same in at least one way, we all have our secrets. If you’ve got a secret (and who doesn’t), cards and markers are in the GLOW! PO box. They’ve removed the glass paneling from our box, but it’s the box with all the white cards and markers in it.
  • Saturday:
    Big Queer Bowling at Jesse James Lanes. Come to Jesse James Lanes for two hours of open bowling! First 30 people to respond to only pay $5 for bowling and shoes! Bus leaves at 6:30 in front of Buntrock and returns at 9:30.
  • Sunday:
    Tie dye party at St. John’s. Starts at 4-ish. Bring all your whites down to St. John’s house and make them fabulous!
  • Monday:
    SOLGEN (St. Olaf Lesbian and Gay Employee Network) panel: Being Queer at St. Olaf: Then and Now. Listen to Ken Johnson, Nancy Aaarsvold, Johnathan O’Conner and Tim Schroer discuss how St. Olaf’s queer community has grown and changed over the years from professors and employees that watched it happen. BC 144 at 4:30.
  • Tuesday:
    Insider’s Guide to Gender and Sexual Orientation. 4 in Viking. 
    Have you ever been confused when talking about gender or sexual orientation? Come to this *swiped* Wellness Center event! You’ll learn the history of classification, term definition, and contemporary society’s role in shaping these ideas.
  • Wednesday:
    GLOW! retreat to St. Paul for a Community Action Training by OutFront Minnesota. We will be leaving at 5 and returning at 9. Contact if you’re interested in joining. Limited space.
  • Thursday:
    Community Time Party, 11:20-12-30 in second floor Buntrock. Come celebrate coming out week in style with music, cupcakes and our trademark rainbow arch! The cupcakes are going to be mad intense this year, so get there early!!
  • Friday:
    StoSecret closing ceremony, 4 pm in the chapel hallway. There will be a closing ceremony to bring the StoSecret experience to a close. Gather in the chapel hallway for a few words from Brian Walpole, StoSecret founder, and then we’ll move into the quad to conclude the ceremony.